Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tales of Traveling with a 5 year old

Hi everyone... sorry took me so long but trying to unpack and wash all the smokey smelling clothes from the trip and read all 40000 emails I received while on Vacation. Well Drew and I left on the 13Th. We left our house at 4am to take a bus to Chicago...which Drew slept through. Then we sat in the airport for2 hours waiting for our flight. Drew enjoyed the take off and landing. My grandparents picked us up in Dallas.

We had a blast...I knitted so much that a cousin asked if I ever put the needles and thread down(every time he came I was knitting...like there was something wrong with knitting) oh and I corrected him that it was yarn not thread.

I made #4 of the Mandy Candy bags.

I also made Drew a pair of sock. Here he is wearing them.

I also made my boy cousin an arm cuff instead of a purse. It has 2 pockets one for his wallet and the other for his cell.

I also made my grandma 2 dishcloths and 2 pot holders but only took pics of the 2 dishcloths and 1 pot holder.

Drew swam everyday in my grandparents pool. We went out to Ci Ci's pizza one night. Texas Roadhouse one Night and Sonics one night. The other nights we just hung out around the house. I did get out a couple times to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I watched a lot of the Ranger games...especially the double header where they scored 30 to 3.

On the 23rd we were supposed to come home but due to severe storms in Chicago our flight was cancelled so my grandparent came back and picked us up. I stayed up with my grandparents and watched a funny movie called "FOLKS". Grandpa and I laughed so hard that grandma said she'd never take either of us to the theatre to see a comedy and never both of us at the same time.lol
So we were re booked on a flight for the 24th with a connection in Indianapolis and wouldn't you know it but after we landed, there were delays due to electrical storms in Indianapolis. But finally at 9:45pm (Indiana time)...and hour and a half after our scheduled departure and almost 3 hours after we arrived in Indianapolis, we left Indianapolis and arrived in Chicago at 10:00pm(Chicago time). And of course we missed the 10pm bus by 5 min so we had to wait for the shuttle to Wisconsin until 11pm...We finally arrived home around 1 am. Later I learned that 1300 flights were cancelled into Chicago that day so I feel very fortunate that they didn't cancel our flight from Indianapolis too.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, you've done a lot of knitting! Lucky girl!

You're in the gallery for #4!

Lynn said...

Travelling can really be rough!!! Glad you had a great time!
And you made some great things! My favorite? The socks for Drew! You did a great job!!!

mommieofdrew said...

He loves them. I think everyone liked their gifts. I think I may have to try to make a larger version of the Mandy bag though for my cousin who is almost 16...her wallet wouldn't fit plus shes a plus size girl and the bag looked so funny hanging from the crook of her arm...lol