Friday, December 28, 2007

An explaination and Here are some of my FO's

I thought I would explain a little bit about my health issues so those friends of mine from out of town that read my blog don't freak out and think the worst. I was recently diagnosed as being bipolar and have been undergoing medication trials to see which one works best for me. A lot of times I am not able to blog due to the fact I can't keep my thoughts straight enough to blog. But knitting helps me focus so I've been working on stuff. All the pictures tonight are FO's for DH's cousin's baby except for the last one. Here is a baby blanket I just finished. Its a blanket based on the diagonal dishcloth design. The first picture is a close up of the stitch pattern:

I also made a pair of Mary Jane booties for the same baby.

I also made this really cute bunny buddy. I made it with cotton so it could be used in the bath tub and I stuffed the head with the extra yarn instead of filler.

The last picture for tonight is of Drew (my ham) holding the yarn that I spun Wednesday night at our local SnB. I think I'm addicted. Our SnB group is going to Morengo Illinois to The Fold for her Annual January 1st sale.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ok I'm back

Having some issues with my health that has kept me from posting. But I'm back now. I have been very busy with helps me focus. I will have pictures soon. Tonight at our weekly SnB I learned how to spin...I'm addicted as if I need such and expensive Oh well. I will try and post once a week at least if not more...but no promises.