Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spring into Summer Dishcloth Swap Questionaire

When did you learn to knit? Who taught you? October 2006 at my local library
What was your very first completed object? Your most recent? I made a scarf for the needy. A hat and scarf set for my ds
What was the very first thing you sent to the frog pond? (pulled out and started over) Your most recent? A sock. A dishcloth useing p2tog tbl....
What is currently on the needles for you? A baby blanket in seed stitch, 2 different dishclothes.
What types of needles do you enjoy working with? What have you tried and hated? I work only on aluminum. I tried plastic but didn't like the way the yarn kinda stuck.
Have you knit dishcloths before? I'm working on 2 right now
What was your favorite one? feather and fan
Least favorite? the one with the p2tog tbl
Do you use homemade dishcloths or face cloths yourself, or give them as gifts, or both? both
What are your favorite and least favorite scents? (For your body, such as soap/lotion/etc) like fruits extracts don't like musky
What are your favorite colors? pinks and purples but not bright pink and purple
What colors (if any) are your bathroom and kitchen decorated in? Bathroom sage and peach kitchen hunter green, maroon, cream
What other hobbies and crafts do you enjoy? cross stitching, crocheting, sewing, puzzles
Chocolate: Dark? White? Milk? Ew? can't have dark but like milk and white oh and any with almonds
Do you like salty treats? What kinds? yes nuts
If you could go anywhere in the world for one day and spend the day any way you wanted, where would you go and what would you do? I'd go to Germany and visit the concentration camps...I know very morbid...
Do you have any allergies? (Yarns, foods, etc. that might impact what your pal can send) I'm allergic to dark chocolate...must be too pure...but can have all other chocolates.


Welcome to my blog. This is all new to me but I thought I would start this. Any advise is welcome. Looking forward to this summer. My son Drew and I will be going to Texas. We just got a puppy too. Still working on my Spring Into Summer Dishcloth Swap . Can't wait to send it and find out what she thinks of it.