Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drew's Field Trip- picture heavy

I went with Drew on Wednesday to Green Meadow Farms in Wisconsin. I can't believe he is going to be a first grader next school year. Here are some pictures.

Here he is riding a pony named Spike with me leading him. They asked for parent volunteers and I volunteered to do everything. lol

Here is Drew petting a sheep.oh they are so soft just wanted to ask when they shear them. lol

Here is Drew taking a picture of the goats as I take a picture of

Here I am helping Drew milk a cow. Now until Wednesday I had never milked a cow. So it was and experience for me too. And again here I again volunteered to help the kids milk the cow.

The most exciteing part of the trip was what I snuck home in my sweatshirt. And yes I paid for it just had to get it past the bus driver and make sure the kids didn't see it and get way too excited.

And he is a polydactyl cat but only on 3 of the four paws.

We are thinking we will name him Jack as in Black Jack but not sure...DH wants a manly name for him. But I like the animals to choose their names.

Here is Drew holding the cat.