Thursday, August 9, 2007


Drew and I made the trek to the post office of doom. They are sooo slow. But we got the post office guy that gives out the free receipts....oooo can hardly contain the excitement. Wow I'm Snarky (Did I just make this word up??) tonight. But any who the DDoS package has gone out along with the KVVS package. One is going to North Carolina and the other is going to California. Fun. My KVVS spoilee wanted to go to California I flash Wisconsin is no where near So I hope she isn't too disappointed.
But I'm getting really excited....4 days until Drew and I fly to Texas...Scary but Exciting. I've never flown before. yikes.
Oh yeah Wednesday I went to this meetup for the second time in Illinois and have met some great ladies to knit with....yeah mommie time for I met a lady who works in a yarn store...that Drew and I visited on Tuesday. Where of course I bought what else yarn and needles oh and a cool pattern that is a kinda larger version of the Mandy Candy Bag that I've been making by the boat load. So Drew picked out blue variegated sock I will be making socks.

PS Go check out Cass's blog (link on the sidebar)...she has a contest going on. Pretty cool swag too...but I'm not entering because I've won swag 2 times in the last 2 months so I will let others win...Its only fair.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Won 2 contests lately! Lucky you!

Lynn said...

Have fun on the plane!! Take some antihistamines for both you and Drew if you get stuffy. It helps alleviate the pressure of take off and landing.