Thursday, September 27, 2007

When one door shuts another door just may have to open it yourself.

Hey guys and gals. I just received insurance from my job and also received my first check with the premium taken out...ouch!!! I had to tell my husband that after bills were paid we wouldn't get spending every check....yeah ouch again. And he wasn't upset he was just worried about paying a bill that he normally pays out of his spending. Well yesterday I was called by my second job or summer job wondering if I wanted to work for them during the school year. I thought OK. But they wanted me to work 1 hour 3 days a $9 and hour. My husband's hours have changed so he has to work 2ND shift now because they no longer are running a 3rd shift. So I had to turn the job down. Well today my supervisor asks if I would mind working and extra hour a day at $11.08 an hour...heck yeah. So I will get to the point. This means one of 2 things either my insurance premiums will be going from $324 a month to around $115 a month or I will get paid hourly for those hours....either way I will be getting more money on my checks....happy happy joy joy.

In other news I am now sick...I've been living on hot tea and soup for 3 days and fun.


Holly said...

I am so sorry you are sick. I am glad the job and insurance thing worked out. I have been there and sweating over how to pay that insurance, but you are absolutely right you got to hang onto it.

Lynn said...

YEAH!!!! I'm glad that the job situation is working out a little bit. Money can be SO stressful.