Monday, July 2, 2007

My silly child and August

Isn't he cute??? He is getting so excited about our trips next month. We get to go to Rhinelander Wisconsin which is 4 hours north of us. We will be visiting dh's grandma. She's a jubba lady that has a special place in my heart and when something happens to her I think it will be as hard on me as my dh. Then 2 weeks after we get home from there then Drew and I take a bus to O'hare to fly to Texas. This will be not only Drew's first time on a plane but also mine. It will be an experience I'm We get to stay 10 days and then back home we come. Then that weekend is my 10 year class reunion...oh my has it been that long already??? Only wish I could lose more weight before then...oh well. Then school/ work starts for me that following week. I actually have no idea where they will place me. I'm a permanent para-educator but low on the totem pole so could move me around when they decide how many para's they need at each school.

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Sarah said...

Where in Texas are you going? First time on an airplane! Wow! It's so cool! Do you know when we're suppose to be getting our packages?