Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Sorry I haven't been on lately but I had a good reason. Wanna see????

Yeah My second pair of socks ever. I joined sock wars II and have been busily knitting to get these out before my assassin kills me. I even made a poor man's sock blocker with a coat hanger. The only problem with these socks is that the skeins of yarn I used were wound opposite and I didn't notice until I was half way down the leg. OOPS Oh well. These socks will be going out in the morning mail.

Well I will write more later. I have a house that has been put on hold since Friday so now I must clean.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Great socks! I wouldn't be able to do sock wars - knitting socks under pressure - you're brave girl!

Holly said...

I love the socks. You wouldn't know they were your only 2nd pair, they look great. Love the color pattern.

Lynn said...

Nice socks!! Too bad they need to be mailed out!

Sarah H. said...

Great job! Someday I'll attempt socks. Under pressure too!